Palo Alto Art & Wine Festival

Hello friends!

I’ve had an extremely busy summer – apologies for the super duper long delay in any photos or posts from me. I’m back now!

Here’s two of my favorite snaps from the 2013 Palo Alto Art & Wine Festival that took place on University Avenue a few weeks back. Lots of local and long distance artists represented. I was thrilled to see the variety of sculpture art, painting, and photography on display but super happy to find Lisa Swerling (in person!) with some of her pieces too! She’s one of my all time favorite female artists – seriously! Incredible work that’s really one of a kind. Here’s her website: Glass Cathedrals

At the end of University Ave we discovered an entire block sectioned off for chalk artists. Google chalk artists and you’ll see what their work was like – my favorite, that I felt like sharing – were the group squares that children worked on. Here you can see a little patchwork quilt (so to speak) and one young artist taking her time sketching on the hot, summer pavement.

I’d love to post more later but for now I’ve gotta run – look for more soon!

Photo by Betsy Kershner, 2013.

Photo by Betsy Kershner, 2013.

x Kersh


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