To Diego, with love, Frida

Yesterday my wife & I stumbled upon Sunday Streets in the Mission!

Amidst a sea of bicycles, tandems, rollerblades, energy healers, yogis, and artists of all kinds we met Frida and Diego! (Well…not THE Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, but very close resemblances taking part in a look-alike contest).  She has to be one of the best looking 70+ year old Frida’s around – her unibrow is sassy, vibrant, and passionate!

© Betsy Kershner, 2013.


© Photo by Betsy Kershner, 2013.


Above: Frida Finalists include our original Frida (pictured solo, above) with her Diego, complete with overalls and paint, the youngest Frida on Valencia Street, the most-true-to-age-Frida in her lime green skirt, the tallest Frida, and 21st century Frida who owns a DSLR and skinny jeans.

I was thrilled to see these ladies all together – what a wonderful way to end the weekend,

x Kersh


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