Lara & Piper Strike a Pose!

It’s that time of year again! Summer is around the corner and love is in the air!

I had a fantastic session with Lara & Piper earlier this week on one of the hottest (well, warmest) days I’ve felt in quite a while. Every square inch of Dolores Park was covered with sun-bathers, bikini bodies, and picnic-hula-hooping-dog-walking-lounging San Franciscans and tourists. We met earlier in the day to try to avoid the afternoon crowds in the park but decided to wander around the neighborhood instead – snapping up portraits here and there as we pleased.

Lara, from San Francisco was sporting an adorable sundress, gold belt, necklace, and purple flower in her hair. Piper, originally from Michigan (she pointed out which part of Michigan she was from using her hand! I had never seen anyone do that before!) had a badass pair of Frye boots on with her button up. Our first stop, of course, was a sexy brick wall for some solo portraits. These ladies were absolute PROS in front of the camera! Look at them go!

Photo by Betsy Kershner


Lara workin’ it with her fancy little flower & smirk!



Photo by Betsy Kershner.


Photo by Betsy Kershner.


Piper presented Lara with the tiniest daisy (ever!!!) halfway through our session.


Photo by Betsy Kershner.


Photo by Betsy Kershner.


There are so many incredible photos from my time with Piper & Lara that I just might post again later on with more images! What an incredible, inspiring, and romantic couple these two are! I wish them all the very best of happiness, luck, and adventure! Cheers Piper & Lara!!!

x Kersh


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