I Do Support Marriage Equality

Exhausted! Today has been quite an exciting day! I had a session this morning with a lovely soprano, Sibel (no photos just yet) and this afternoon I scrambled across town to catch a marriage equality rally / candle light vigil. The crowd was moderately sized and everyone’s spirits were high, excited, and passionate. Even some members of PFLAG showed up to speak and encourage the group. I took my time and spoke to many of the supporters – photographed portraits of some, including a true, modern family of lesbian parents and their twins. The twins, when asked just how much they loved their Mom’s replied, “TO THE MOON! WE LOVE THEM TO THE MOON!”

© Betsy Kershner, 2013.

More pictures to come, but for now, let’s all get some rest – and dream of good things to come. Let’s hope tomorrow’s case of Edie Windsor vs. United States, DOMA will be a little more exciting than today’s back and forth, tet-a-tet over Prop 8. Little by little, it’s progress. Fingers crossed!

To the moon everyone! To the moon!

xo Kersh



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