Sunrise, Ocean Beach

Yesterday morning I popped awake at 5 am. Yes, I’m serious! It turned out to be a very good thing for me – I got a lot of work done AND I even had time to do a spontaneous, sunrise photo walk down to Ocean Beach. It’s been some time since I had the desire to get out there and do a photo walk for fun. I used to walk around Manhattan and San Francisco all the time – snapping up photos here and there and being inspired. Now I haven’t had as much free time so yesterday’s brief adventure was very rewarding! Check it out:

© Betsy Kershner, 2012.

Surveying Surfer. Ocean Beach, SF.

© Betsy Kershner, 2012.

Rainbow gull.

© Betsy Kershner, 2012.

Paw prints.

© Betsy Kershner, 2012.

First to arrive.

© Betsy Kershner, 2012.


© Betsy Kershner, 2012.

Fuzzy, hairy, sand dollar.

There weren’t too many other people up and about on the beach – a few surfers had arrived by the time I left (around 8:45 – 9 am). I was there for a good two hours. Dogs came and went with their owners – the beautiful surf rolled up some lovely rocks and shells. I even found some fossils. It was a relaxing start to a productive day.

xo Kersh


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