Reveal: Molly & Robin’s Classy Chico Wedding

Who: Molly & Robin

Where: Patrick Ranch in Chico, California

It was a hot September afternoon as I arrived in Chico to celebrate with my dear friends Molly & Robin. Waves of bright golden sun washed over Patrick Ranch as I began my work. Cicadas hummed in the trees as family members set up tables and chairs inside the barn for dinner that night. Molly & Robin have been together for quite some time and share lots of joy, laughter, and love. It was present that their family and friends are also equally happy and vibrant — love was truly in the air! Carnival games, lemonade, and bails of hay dotted the landscape as the sun began to set. The ceremony was heartfelt and charming – the dinner delicious – and my favorite part, the live band, The Skyliners played throughout the night! Having a live band play was transformative and took you to another time and place. The guests were extremely talented at blues, swing, and classic dance moves. I was impressed and overjoyed at the abundance of photographic opportunities. Below is simply  a taste of what their complete wedding looks like. I wish I could share all the photos just now, but this reveal will have to do.

I give you the beauty & grace of Molly & Robin’s incredible wedding:











2 thoughts on “Reveal: Molly & Robin’s Classy Chico Wedding

  1. You captured the warmth and love this beautiful family has for each other and the magic that is between Molly and Robin. Thank you

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