Raj Patel

Tonight I had the chance to photograph author and food activist Raj Patel at downtown San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club.

Author and activist his most recent book is entitled “Stuffed and Starved: the Hidden Battle for the World Food System”. To find out more about Raj, his work and his love of food, please visit his website at www.rajpatel.org

The conversation was bright, intelligent, and very thought provoking. Not only is Mr. Patel a talented speaker he’s charismatic, informed, and cares very deeply about where food comes from – who is producing it – where it’s going – and how it affects you. I talked with him briefly afterwards about how much I liked his hair and his coat. No, I didn’t mention books or food and went for the first compliment I thought of. When you’re looking at someone through a telephoto lens for over an hour their hair…style, it all comes into focus. He was sweet and had a great sense of humor. I wish him all the best of luck in his future endeavors. Here are two snapshots – more to come later. Now for sleep!

x Kersh


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