2011 Adler Fellows Gala Concert, Herbst Theater

It was a beautiful night for singing! The skies were fog-free in San Francisco this past Thursday night as the 2011 Adler Fellows prepared for the Gala Concert at Herbst Theater. Under the direction of Maestro Giuseppe Finzi the Adlers put on a brilliant showcase of their many talents. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the rising stars as they bid farewell to a very busy year with the San Francisco Opera.

Below are some photos from the performance including captions of the artists name and voice part.

2011 Adler Fellows, Photographed at the Herbst Theater.

Leah Crocetto, Soprano.

Ryan Kuster, Bass-Baritone with Leah Crocetto, Soprano.

Leah Crocetto, Soprano.

Nadine Sierra, Soprano with Maya Lahyani, Mezzo-soprano.

The many faces of Maya Lahyani.

Ao Li, Baritone with Sara Gartland, Soprano.

Brian Jagde, Ryan Kuster, Maya Lahyani, and Daniel Montenegro.

Ryan Belongie, Counter-tenor with Susannah Biller, Soprano.

Nadine Sierra, Soprano.

Brian Jagde, Tenor.

Ryan Belongie, Counter-tenor.

Congrats to all of the 2011 Adler Fellows – it was a great success!

x Kersh


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