Two worlds: autodesk & occupy sf

…that kind of rhymes? autodesk — occupy sf…sort of?

Tonight was an amazing night. It remains at this moment somewhat indescribable.

I’ll explain in a minute…for now here are some of my photos of what’s going on right now at Occupy SF downtown at the Ferry Building/Embarcadero. Photos were taken around 10 pm on 10/26/11.

The view from in front of the Ferry Building looking up at 1 Market Street, San Francisco.

Mr. 1% flees the scene.

Monopoly is more than a game.

Carpool lane!

A portion of the tented area.

Only a few minutes after getting on the bus to head home there was a large crashing sound and then lots of sirens and police and fire vehicles drove past us back towards the Occupy SF core. Hopefully no one was hurt. On a softer note, here’s some of my images from tonight’s book launch! Talk about a hefty spoonful of social change for one evening! In so many ways!!!


Yves Behar (designer) and Eve Blossom (author of Material Change).

Before I made my way down to the mass of tents, homemade signs, and port-a-potties I was busy at Autodesk Gallery for the Material Change book launch event with Eve Blossom. It was quite a contrast from one place to the next. A design space with brand new ideas leading the world into the future and on the very same block, less than 2 minutes and 2 floors down from that, occupy sf. (This is why it’s difficult for me to explain my evening…because it was such an experience… in both spaces!) I met a plethora of wonderful, brilliant minds, artists, and communicators tonight at the book launch. I loved every minute of it! I have to admit though one of the highlights was when the tech guy, Jeff turned on the 3D imaging toy that Autodesk Gallery has setup in the back gallery. I can’t even remember it’s official name…but it’s made up of twenty (20) Canon400D cameras pointed at one spot: the adjustable seat dead center. You sit down, the screen tells you to center the frames, and voila –all twenty cameras shoot and in time, the computer then processes all of the images into a 3D image of yourself. (I haven’t received mine yet – but I was told it will come in my email. I. am. excited. about that!) Here’s what it looks like:

And on that note, I am EXHAUSTED.

Big thanks to everyone tonight –

x Kersh


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