Upcoming events

Tonight I’ll be taking some photos at Autodesk Gallery for a book launch with Eve Blossom along with her featured guest Yves Behar. Eve and Yves will be presenting their knowledge of sustainable textiles, fabrics, and design with the release of Eve’s new book, Material Change. Yves Behar was featured in a 2008 TED talk about sustainable design and products. Here’s his video: Yves Behar, TED Talks.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s event!

Tomorrow, just confirmed that I’m shooting coverage for a Futures Without Violence event in the Presidio.

I haven’t worked with them before but they came to me through a dear friend at the Domestic Violence Consortium. I’m so happy to be a part of such a wonderful batch of events – last minute or not, it’ll be fascinating and eye opening! Pictures from the DVC 2011 Gala at the Rrazz Room are going to be posted soon!

x Kersh


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