Remembering Steve.

Photos taken on October 9th, 2011 outside the home of Steve Jobs. Four days after his death a plethora of apples, some bitten, some not, surround his home (along with security guards, donned in full black clothing & earpieces). Upon arrival it seems extremely fitting that at least three apple trees stand tall in his front yard.┬áIt was overwhelming the amount of things people had left on his sidewalk/fence/front lawn and space. I’m sure they have to remove the rotting apple cores at some point…it is very sweet though.

2 sad apples.

A group of male cyclists stopped and left their fancy wheels leaning against a tree to take a photo of one another (with their iPhone 4’s) with Steve Jobs’ house in the background. One man even smiled and gave a peace sign to the camera (phone). It seemed almost awkward – there was a mix of people mourning his loss and others celebrating his life. It was a whirring that could be felt in the air, even in the silence that came over the entire block as cars slowed, people came and went, and the security guards maintained their zones.

Amidst the apples – bitten and unbitten – were a few interesting reminders of his legacy. Time magazines with his portrait on the cover, home made posters and signs, gifts, and some apple merchandise – hoodies, hats, jackets, candles, and candy. It seemed like an anything goes type of memorial. If it meant something to you, and meant something to you in relation to Steve you put it somewhere on the fence with everything else. For me, the apples lining his fence were the most beautiful element. Rows and rows of apples. It was more than fitting. Take a look at some other photos from my visit that afternoon.

He certainly made an impact, rest in peace, Steve.

x Kersh


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