Ohio trip!

My super-quick Ohio trip is already half over! I arrived in Cincy (Cincinnati) barely a day ago and tomorrow I fly back to foggy SF. The weather here has been rather remarkable and warm – even sunny! Surprise surprise! It was wonderful to have the natural light and not a single snowflake.

I spent the entire day yesterday with students here at The Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. All of my photoshoots went extremely well – the faculty and staff in the CCM Village have been wonderful too — they even have their own Starbucks on campus! How crazy is that?! (I know you’re jealous all my SFCMers that may be reading this…although we may prefer that it was a Blue Bottle instead of a Starbucks. Right?)

Anyway – I don’t have much time to recap but I promise I will post little videos later. For now enjoy these little previews of yesterdays headshot sessions.

The photos feature Soprano, Yoongeong Lee – Soprano, Katherine Papa, and Baritone, Timothy Bruno (who just played Antonio in CCM’s production of Mozart’s the Marriage of Figaro. My dear friend and Director Robin Guarino had a wonderful time with this opera- unfortunately I didn’t get to attend a performance but I hear that Tim’s beard was out of control! Hurrah!)

Here we go!

On to Columbus!

x Kersh


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