Reflections on Italy, 2010

In Florence Toby and I explored countless gelateria’s and museums but nothing fascinated us more than the reflections of life in the Arno River. The Arno is most famous for the Ponte Vecchio bridge which crosses at it’s mid section. I didn’t enjoy the Ponte Vecchio since it was swamped with tourists and jewelry scavengers but the results from the photos we took of the Arno made up for all that.

I love the texture of the water and the light in these pictures – it’s like a dreamworld flipped upside down and upon first glance you think the images are identical but they are not. Look closer, some of the reflections (now on the top) do not exactly mirror the real world (on bottom). Cars, pillars, and pieces of buildings are missing in some photos because of the way the water is flowing or moving. Take a look, the last photo (in blue) reminds me of a painting – it’s color was naturally occurring as the light faded and the sun set.

I hope you enjoy these-








x Kersh


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