Merry Busy

It’s been a merry busy month for me! Ha. Ha.

Yes, that wasn’t the funniest but I’m trying. It’ late here and I’m still not adjusted from SF time to East Coast time (and I’ve been here almost 2 full weeks already!) Eeeeesh!

December 2010, let’s wrap it up and say ho-ho-hold on a minute and check out some of the photos from this quickly passing month. I’ve shown you a few from Hansel & Gretel already but here are a couple more along with some from Rossini’s La Scala di Seta at SFCM.

Emmanuel Franco, Georgia Duan, and Evgenia Chaverdova.

Emmanuel Franco and Georgia Duan–falling in love? Y/N?

And some for your sweet tooth, Hansel & Gretel:

Kelly Britt.

Kate Allen.

Curtain call. With Director Michael Mohammed in shadow.

It’s been a pretty great month – got a lot done and have plenty still before NYE (who really abbreviates that? I can’t believe I just did…). Looking forward to the new year, the photos and adventures to come. Happy Holidays everyone and a very merry new year!

x Kersh


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