San Francisco Classical Voice: H & G

As the weather grows colder let’s remember what the holiday season is all about – fun performances of Hansel & Gretel, those super-sugary drinks at Starbucks (oh Hot Apple Spice how I love thee!) and spending time with family. This week I’m writing to you from the banks of the Jackie O Resevoir in Central Park! New York City, baby! It’s a busy trip for me and the Branz.

Auditions for opera companies are clouding our schedule and the snow is falling–Toby is wearing not one, but two coats. My lips are chapped, my skin is dry and I wouldn’t have it any other way – Christmas in New York is one of my all time favorite things. For those of you in SF and not on the East Coast, you should totally check out Hansel & Gretel, this Saturday at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Admission is $5 and features a cast of outstanding talents.

Kelly Britt can be seen as Gretel, Kristen Choi as Hansel, Kate Allen as the Witch, Katy Olsen as the Dew Fairy, Roy Eikleberry as Father, Samantha McCurry as Mother, Tasha Nicholson as the Sandman/Sandwoman with stylish purse (hehe), and features the Marin Girls Chorus! It’s a great show and I’m proud to be a part of it–shows are at 1 pm and 4 pm at 50 Oak Street, San Francisco, 94102. 

Above: Kelly Britt (L) and Kristen Choi (R).

Hansel & Gretel photo up in the Music News section of SFCV, link here: Music News, Week of December 7th – 11th

(If you can’t open the link or view the page after December 11th, here’s what you would have seen):

Good luck to everyone in the cast! The performance also features the Marin Girls Chorus, toi toi to all!

Above: Kelly Britt (L) and Kate Allen (R).

Hope everyone is staying warm! New York is FREEZING!!!!! And it’s snowed TWICE since we’ve arrived!

x Kersh


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