Above: Katy Olsen (L) with Toby last year in Giulio Cesare.

Below: Katy Olsen (L) AGAIN!!! with Molly Mahoney, also from Cesare.

It’s really good to see these photos being used a lot! The print version is already out and being mailed all over the place – we grabbed like 15 copies the other day and now they’ve been added to our ever-expanding pile of “things to send to our mothers” / “keep for posterity”.

Anyway, my mind was on vacation apparently and I mixed up what day I leave for New York –I thought it was this Sunday, Dec 5th but NO, it’s TOMORROW MORNING! AHH! I’m so behind and buried in things to do! Now I have to get to packing, finishing some photos before I go, and general cleanup so the house doesn’t look a mess when we return at the end of the month. Eugh! How could I have forgotten what day I leave!?

Wish me luck!

x Kersh

P.S. Photos from Hansel & Gretel and David Conte’s The Gift of the Magi coming soon! It was a blast to work on last night! However exhausted I may be it was worth every minute, well done everyone! Toi toi!


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