Bit of fun

Not up to anything big at the moment. The dino-shoot wiped me out a little.

People who know me know I love dinosaurs. Over the years I’ve grown to have quite a collection of little plastic, 1-3″ tall dinosaurs and reptiles. I keep them all together, that way everyone is happier. One time my sister-in-gay / sister-in-law to be/whatever you call it, said to me one time,

“Betsy, I don’t really understand why you collect these little dinosaurs. What do you use them for? Do you just keep them in places? Well, I don’t get it but I’m glad you like it!”

Haha! Love you H! To be honest I don’t really know why I hold on to all of them, I think they’re really fantastic. Each one has a personality too. For this shoot I think my absolute favorite was a tie between the two T-Rexs’. T-Rex 1 is penciling a portrait, T-Rex 2 is holding a bottle of glue in front of my 70-200 mm lens. If I was a Dinosaur, I’d definitely be a T-Rex. For sure.

*     *     *

In other news I’ve been discovering the ins-and-outs of Pixelmator. It’s pretty neat. I played around with the opacity of layered fonts and brushes for a couple hours today, my results colorful and light-hearted. I’m tired so the explanations here aren’t too long but you’ll see when you check out this screenshot:


And another example. If I were a hipster-bass guitarist I could suggest this as album art for my band (the album name could be, “Spraypaint & Popcorn Kernels”/aka late night eating habits gone awry!) I don’t know

Wedding photos tomorrow in Saratoga, I’ll get a chance to see my good friend and makeup artist J.D.

Check out his work here: JDKFaces and his Model Mayhem here: clickety-clack here. Another photoshoot on Sunday, headshots and then it’s time to get ready for the trip to Santa Barbara to do photos with The Operalab–woo! woo! I’ll explain more about that later.

Now I must sleep! Night!

x Kersh


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