Good day.

Good day, totally good day all around. To remember all of the good things, I’m going to make a list: (I’m also too tired to explain everything that happened in detail). Here we go…


  1. Ayaka Isono at SFCM! Brilliant, absolutely BRILLIANT pianist. I was transported to another place. Want to work with her, do portraits of her and her instrument.
  2. Farmers market at Grove & Divis/Broderick. Always a good day when you start it off with samples from the fm and plenty of good produce to take home for the week. Even though it was *ahem* “raining” (more like misting or drizzling) it was good to go. I bought about $12 worth of food. Doesn’t sound like much but it will last me the week. (Hopefully).
  3. Dance party in the living room. Always good (especially good when your knee(s) cooperate).
  4. Scramble & photo time at home.
  5. Lounging around & reading in baths.
  6. Seeing good friends old and new, drinks, wine and cheese (specifically), and a ride home.
  7. Finally having my roomates back = good to be not so alone in the house again.

This ends my list.


x Kersh


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