Summer of forgetfulness

Hello again! I pretty much forgot I wrote in a blog until today. I’ve been having a lovely summer- Italy was fantastic and now it’s back to the grind.

Some photos from this summer to look forward to are two new series called “Unoccupied” and “Ladies & Gentlemen”. Both will appear on my website in their own portfolios soon. “Unoccupied” focuses on restaurant seats, cafe chairs, benches, and other public and private locations that normally are filled with people but are empty for some reason or other. The isolated chairs then feel personified like lonely creatures waiting to perform their duties and functions. I’m still expanding on both new series and working on them in Aperture.

SIDENOTE: Aperture is absolutely amazing. I’m still figuring out all of the new features and magic buttons but so far it’s worth every penny. Check it out here for more information about this Mac-a-liscious application: apple + aperture = amazing. (And it’s not going to break the bank, good for those on a budget who want a high quality photo editing device that’s not Photoshop).

Back to the new series. “Ladies and Gentlemen” focuses on couples, men and women, young and old (and some in the middle) in their every day lives. The photos I choose to take capture them in an intimate moment, a reflective shared experience, or something else entirely. You’ll see once I have them all organized.

For now, here’s another shot of an elderly gentlemen (which is part of the series above) in Mestre, Italy (right outside Venice).  I think this guy and the man with the flower (in the previous post) would be friends or chess buddies. Y/N?

Alright everyone, have a good labor day weekend!

x Kersh


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