Acts 1 – 3

Act 1 of Cesare Day: Breakfast & a gutted bathroom.

Last month was Giulio Cesare month. It was six months in the making for a one night-four hour-three act performance of G.F. Handel’s Giulio Cesare. Toby played Cesare on the first of two nights; the second show was a Sunday matinee with a completely separate cast. Both performances were completely packed to the brim. Concert Hall seating is something like 394 (max capacity) and it was at max capacity. The morning of  “Cesare Night” we lost our bathroom & shower when construction began to fix a tilting clawfoot tub. Later we found out the work would take another two weeks to finish because of moldy, rotting wood, beams, and leaks from the apartment above.

Act 2: Lunch at Boulange.

Amidst crepes and vanilla napoleon cake it was back to look over the score once more. No rest for the weary when you’re Cesare. After 45 minutes it’s time to leave and prep, apply makeup, & get ready for the performance.

Act 3 of Cesare Day: Handel for Dinner & Backstage.

To be continued…

x Kersh


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